What is Rain?

Rain International is a company that has based its products on many years of clinical research by Dr. Arnold S. Leonard. All products of the Rain company are exclusively natural and absolutely free of genetically modified organisms, thus giving the body completely healthy ingredients. The combination of these seeds represents a powerful infusion of nutritious seeds that will completely recover our body.

Fresh body, a strong immune system, good mental health and a high level of energy in the body are the dimensions that are necessary for all of us. Since health starts from the stomach, Rain has found the perfect combination of healthy organic seeds that make our body get exactly what it needs. When the body receives the substances it needs, it regenerates and recovers itself.

Why seeds? Everything is made from seeds. Many years of scientific research have led to the conclusion that cold-pressed oils from seeds contain far more active substances than fruits. The combination of oils in Rain's products helps the body protect cells and thus reduces the risk of diseases caused by free radicals. The products strengthen the immune system, have a positive effect on blood vessels and help the body fight free radicals because they reduce the risk of inflammatory processes that cause chronic diseases.